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Shalom! Welcome to the Jewish Entertainment Resources web site. On our site, you will be able to find an exciting array of Jewish talent at the click of a button. You can perform multiple searches for talent to bring to your community; browse our ever changing concert calendar; read about the newest Jewish audio releases; find helpful resources and much more!

Jewish Entertainment Resources is a worldwide network of entertainers who make all or part of their living through the performance or presentation of Jewish material. We are musicians, storytellers, actors, dancers, visual artists, comedians, speakers, and educators. All with creative talents to share and all with a similar mission to preserve our Jewish heritage and culture through our artistic expression.

We are housed in (believe it or not) Louisiana and run by award-winning performer and educator,Judy Caplan Ginsburgh.

We are known as the place to find and book Jewish talent. Jewish Entertainment Resources is the most unique, complete and user-friendly resource of its kind.

Jewish Entertainment Resources works both with performers and those presenting events. We help performers market themselves more effectively and we help people and organizations find Jewish programming to meet their individual needs and budgets.

If you are a performer who would like to be added to our web site or if you would like more information on the services we offer, please visit our Resources page.

If you are a person or organization who would like more information about how to bring performers to your community, please visit our Resources page.

Our e-mail address is info@jewishentertainment.net. Feel free to send us your questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

When time permits, we let you know about new Jewish recordings to keep you informed of the latest resources. Please check out our reviews page.

We are pleased to announce that we are working with Amazon.com to bring you the very best prices on books of interest to performers and presenters. To visit and order from their secure on-line server, please click the picture below:

To order audio and printed music of most of the performers featured at this site, please visit either OySongs Tara Publications or Soundswrite Productions.

If you have comments on the design of this page, and especially if you have trouble viewing this page on your computer, please email the Webmaster.

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